Music in Montevideo

Have you ever heard “A Hard Day’s Night” sound like easy listening in a smooth jazz club? The kind where you can imagine smoke curling up towards the ceiling, where the brightest lights in the room are shining on a girl, likely wearing red lipstick? 

What about the iconic Lennon/ McCartney song Blackbird turned into a classical guitar instrumental? 

Then there’s a commercial break, all in Spanish. When the music comes back, it’s a laid-back song you could imagine hearing on the beach of Mexico, with Spanish lyrics, and a Latin beat, but it feels like there’s a bit of a French influence - either accordion or violin, I can’t tell. 

To say el radio publica de Montevideo is an eclectic mix is an understatement. 

Somehow it mostly fits together though. 

I sit in the sunshine looking out on the Montevideo skyline and I write. According to customs, I’m just a tourist, but man… the appeal of being a digital nomad only in need of good wifi to work is quickly taking over my thought process. 

Early in the morning I drink my coffee with a chorus of barking dogs in the background. There’s a big park across the street, and it feels like the whole neighborhood takes a morning walk, and the dogs need to greet all of their friends. Or something. 

It’s almost annoying, but not quite. They stop just in time.

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