Lost in Love & the UK

Britney Spears, but a jazz singer. 

That's the soundtrack to our Sunday brunch. Hit Me Baby One More Time being crooned softly with a saxophone and a drum kit - played with brushes this time, not sticks. 

It's a small coffee shop, and cozy. Except for when someone walks in and neglects to properly close the door, sending a sharp chill through the tables at the front of the room. 

This big front window sparkly with Christmas decorations. Worn pillows in quintessentially English floral patterns line the bench along the back wall. 

Friends gather here for afternoon tea, mums come in for a likely much-needed latte, bundled up little ones in tow. 

And I sit there, half-asleep and watch the neighborhood come alive, sitting across from my favorite person in the whole world.

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