English in the Land of Spanish: Montevideo

Everywhere you go, most of the music playing is either American pop music, or at the very least, the lyrics are in English. 

When it’s not the trendiest pop music on the charts, it’s these oldie throwbacks like California Dreaming, Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, and Starry Night. 

And my personal favorite, Nina Simone crooning Feeling Good at this tiny little coffee shop housed in a cube of glass. Well, there’s a floor and a ceiling that aren’t glass, but I’ve got a 360 view of the park in front of me, and the art museum behind me. 

Next up is Amy Winehouse with my love Back to Black. 

Almost no one speaks English here. It makes me wonder why so much of their music is in English. 

It’s so surprising, yet comforting at the same time. 

If only the coffee didn’t taste like dirt, and my latte had soy milk. This girl would be in heaven. 

After many mornings making the best of the French press in my Airbnb apartment with dark and sweet coffee, I’ve come to the conclusion that the rich, slightly bitter taste the coffee of Montevideo leaves in my mouth is dirt. No hyperbole here. 

There are adorable little children with their parents. There are young college-age-looking couples, there are older ladies having coffee together. 

The fashion is such an eclectic mix. Some feels like a 90s time-warp. Some feels like a mix of color and patterns true to a South American culture. Some feels like the older sophisticated European style.

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