Songwriter? Yes. Avid writer of all things? Yes again.

Welcome to my blog. It's updated entirely randomly, whenever I have something new to share. Musings on my travels, what I'm reading, or anything else I get inspired to write about.

Lost in Love & the UK 

Britney Spears, but a jazz singer. 

That's the soundtrack to our Sunday brunch. Hit Me Baby One More Time being crooned softly with a saxophone and a drum kit - played with brushes this time, not sticks. 

It's a small coffee shop, and cozy. Except for when someone walks in and neglects to properly close the door, sending a sharp chill through the tables at the front of the room. 

This big front window sparkly with Christmas decorations. Worn pillows in quintessentially English floral patterns line the…

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Always Thinking About Food... Montevideo 

I love food. Anyone who spends enough time around me quickly learns that 25-50% of my thought process involves what I’m going to eat next. 

Maybe it’s the Italian in me. Maybe it’s that 90% of my best memories involve sitting around a table with people I love, sharing a delicious meal. Regardless of where it comes from, these memories have made me a firm believer that one of the best ways to get to know someone is to sit down with them, share some wonderful food and drink, and interesting conversation. 

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English in the Land of Spanish: Montevideo 

Everywhere you go, most of the music playing is either American pop music, or at the very least, the lyrics are in English. 

When it’s not the trendiest pop music on the charts, it’s these oldie throwbacks like California Dreaming, Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, and Starry Night. 

And my personal favorite, Nina Simone crooning Feeling Good at this tiny little coffee shop housed in a cube of glass. Well, there’s a floor and a ceiling that aren’t glass, but I’ve got a 360 view of the park in front of me…

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Music in Montevideo 

Have you ever heard “A Hard Day’s Night” sound like easy listening in a smooth jazz club? The kind where you can imagine smoke curling up towards the ceiling, where the brightest lights in the room are shining on a girl, likely wearing red lipstick? 

What about the iconic Lennon/ McCartney song Blackbird turned into a classical guitar instrumental? 

Then there’s a commercial break, all in Spanish. When the music comes back, it’s a laid-back song you could imagine hearing on the beach of Mexico, with…

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Montevideo Travel Journal: First Impressions 

Montevideo feels like a sleepy city.

Sundays you walk through the park and there's men sitting playing their guitars.

Sometimes together, sometimes alone.

There are little tables made of concrete and colored glass mosaics, with little chessboards in the center. Old men sit and play cards, and a family eats their picnic lunch.

Every Sunday there's a market. You look down from our apartment window and it's a scattering of brightly colored tents.

You go down into the warren of tents, and it's a bustling…

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The Day Music Took Over 

My most vivid memories revolve around music. I was a kid growing up with CD mixtapes — then playlists on iPods. 

Listening, learning from my idols, falling in love, finding my way around heartbreak… All of it I learned how to do through music. 

These are the kinds of songs I write. 

This is the kind of music I make. 

Familiar stories, heady rhythms, heartbeats, and nights spent alone drunk in bed… or with someone new. 

We’re all just humans. We’re all just searching for love, and longing to be happy…

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